Dove Real Beauty Productions Emmy's Spot
Dove Real Beauty Productions 'Meet Diana'
Dove Real Beauty Productions: 'Meet Kylee'
Dove Real Beauty Productions: 'Meet Cathleen'
Dove Real Beauty Productions: 'Meet Shonda'
baby Dove #RealDads
The Macy's Wishwriter
Schick & Pitch Perfect 2
L'Oréal Paris Color Match Machine
smart car "The Poop Tweet"
L'Oréal Paris Golden Globes Beauty Lab
CFPB / "Youth of America: You're Amazing"
smart car "Tag Your Own Adventure"
Samsung Galaxy / CoolHaus
Samsung Galaxy / Jesse Kamm
Google: The Art of Work
smart car "Jam on the Dam"
smart car /
Kleenex Sickie Day
Zyrtec Digital Product Launch
Mercedes-Benz GL Reveal
Samsung Product Shoot & Motion Design
Samsung GSII Launch Site Experience
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