To launch the new Galaxy S II, Samsung's mission was simply this-how do you take on the world's most iconic smartphone? And win? The smartphone marketplace is maniacally competitive. So we focused on two key Galaxy SII differentiators-its big, beautiful screen, and its amazing camera that shoots in real HD.
Then we called viral video superstar Freddle Wong, a digital content creator, to make a video using the SII's HD camera. Freddie's video, "Gamer Commute", is a humorous look at one man's trip to work, with allusions to popular video games riddled throughout. We hosted the video on YouTube and on our GSII parallax experience site. Within the site experience, we displayed all of the GSII's product features touting a revolutionary entertainment experience.
The brand content video with Freddie Wong reached over 12.5 million views in a little over five weeks and hit the top of AdAge's Viral Video Chart.  It also ranked on YouTube as:
• #1 Top rated Video and Entertainment Video in its launch week
• #1 most Viewed Entertainment Video in September
• #3 Top Rated and Top rated Favorite Entertainment Video in September

Art Director: SJ Lee
Copywriter: Stefanie Gunning
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